Basic modules
The Merick Calc 3000 program consists of modules, that can be divided in basic and plug-in modules. Each program installation contains basic modules, which are necessary for program running.

Great and important basic modules:

  • Storage - complex stock documentation, own catalogues or price lists, catalogues of business partners, storage for one time and atypical products, production storage; for more information see storage module
  • Purchase and sale - all movement in stocks. Offers and demands,   made out and received orders, delivery notes, invoices.
  • Production - production batch planing, cutting sheets on square and length materials, CNC machines control.
  • Address book - the least basic module. Customers documentation. Amount of information can be enclosed to each subject.
  • Model-maker - it is not a typical module, but a special editor of compound stock item. This editor can make a model of a required product through entering only a few parameters, generate components, price ad documents for production. Standard program version includes the model-maker for only simple furniture. When you buy a plug-in module, you will take all advantages of the model-maker.

Small basic modules:

  • Printer module - many printer sets for each module, creating and modifying own printer sets. Internal and external pictures, bare codes, labels. Batch printing of more sets during one print job. Printing of enclosed pictures and documents.
  • User administrator - a list of users with possibility to modify user access and actions in particular modules.
  • Set up administrator - setting up all program parameters.

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