Assembly Example
Assembly is a piece of furniture e.g.: desk, shelf, bookcase, case etc. It consists of furniture components. Sometime it can be also the whole order (in case of atypical furniture, that will be never more produced; after cutting sheet generation it can be deleted).
An assembly consists of components e.g.: components form square materials, borders, other materials (screws, handles, hinges), work.

The next picture shows a typical assembly: cabinet (bottom) 800 x 600 x 400 (width = 800mm; height = 600mm; depth = 400mm) with plinth. Below there is a list of components.

Assemply example - Cabinet (bottom)

Square components
Name Size Count Pattern Borders Material Border Material
Side 600x400 2 X xxy- MDF 18mm ABS 2mm
Floor+Upside 800x400 2 X x--- MDF 18mm ABS 2mm
Shelf 800x350 1 X x--- MDF 18mm ABS 2mm
Door 400x600 2 Y xxyy MDF 18mm ABS 2mm
Back part 800x600 1 - ---- particleboard
Plinth (front, back) 80x800 2 Y xx-- MDF 18mm ABS 2mm
Plinth (side) 80x390 2 Y ---- MDF 18mm

Other components
Name Count
Hinge 4
Beta Handle 96mm 2
Screw 80x4,5mm 12
Screw 40x4mm 8
Shelf pegs 4

Ing. Vaclav Riha-Soft Consult