Modules for CNC machine control
CNC modules are plug-in Merick Calc 3.15 modules for direct CNC machines control. CNC code is transferred to machines by serial data transfer, or by a diskette. Modules are integrated into Merick Calc 3.15 program.
  • Special modules generate special code for machines:
    PA3100 (product of Panhans)
    EURO 5 (product of Panhans)
    Sapphire 3200 (product of Elpos-Hutzel)

Basic functions of modules:

  • loading last processed cutting sheets
  • decomposition into list of materials, editing additional properties of each material.
  • optimisation of cut sections - that means higher labour productivity, less tool wear; (only PA 3100)
  • data for label printing (machines with label printers)
  • export of generated control code to diskette (A,B:) or on printer
  • easy operation, no idle machine time because it is prepared quiet in office.

Ing. Vaclav Riha-Soft Consult